Salt Lake City Hotel Rooms - How to Save Your Money on High Quality Accommodation

For visitors to this great city, a number of hotels are available for their selection. These hotels range from luxury hotels and cheap hotels but all offer high quality accommodation and some of them are close to some of the wonderful sights in the city.

Salt Lake City Hotels

Plaza Hotel Salt Lake City

Centrally located in the business district of Salt Lake City, this Hotel offers a number of specials packages that could help the guests save some money. This hotel offers a number of discounts to their clients who are out for a getaway. These packages are as cheap as $150 and come with various services and features. Romantic getaways are also available for clients at an affordable rate and come with various features including 50% gift certificate.

Sheraton Salt Lake City

Situated in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, this hotel offers their clients a resort experience but at a cheaper price. It provides a chance for the guests to save up to 20% off their summer travel and offers a discounted rate of up to 40% off for those staying at the hotel for an additional night.

The guests save quite a sum- up to 30% off- of money by making a reservation 21 days in advance. The AAR/CAA and the AARP members are also at a great advantage as they are able to save some money thanks to the exclusive rates provided by this hotel.

Little America Hotel Salt lake City

This Salt Lake City hotel offers some promotions and packages to its members. One of the packages is for the loyal customes of the hotel who earn points on each visit and as they accumulate, the guests are liable to a free stay in the hotel's Superior tower room. The hotel also offers a number of packages including the honeymoon, getaway and bed &breakfast package that the guests can select in order to save on. This hotel offers high quality accommodation to the guests in addition to these packages and other features.

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