Salt Lake City Weather - What to Expect and Enjoy in Winter

Salt Lake City's weather varies from time to time as city is located in semi-arid region of Salt lake valley that is surrounded by Great Salt Lake and mountains. As a result of its location the city receives less precipitation and it has four different seasons namely cold, dry summer, snowy winter and wet transition seasons. Summers are hot and reaches a temperature about 38 degrees while winter seasons are snowy and cold. However winters are warmer due to presence of Rocky Mountains.

Salt Lake City's climate and weather conditions

During winter the city experiences temperature inversion that leads to thick daytime haze and overnight fog. Most significant Salt Lake City weather events occur during mid winter season. The inversions are rare during fall and spring season as atmosphere takes progressive pattern with wind fronts moving frequently. Hence the city is regarded for its winter events like skiing and snow boarding.

What to expect and enjoy during winter season in Salt Lake City

During winter season, the Salt Lake City comes alive with snow boarders, visitors and skiers. The city boasts numerous winter recreational activities like snowboarding, ski, snowmobile, cross country skiing, ice skating, Utah Olympic Oval, Heli Ski and Back Country Snowcat. In addition a family or group can visit numerous lodges shopping malls, ballet, art museums and national parks during winter season.

Recreational activities and attractions in Salt Lake City

Other than being a riding and skiing paradise, the city features awesome seven canyons that surround Salt Lake City. The city offers unparalleled scenery of nature alongside marked walking trails and one can visit ski resort during winter seasons. On the other hand city is regarded as perfect destination for snowmobiling, snowshoeing and Nordic skiing by tourists and locals.

Winter activities in Salt Lake City

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