Solitude Mountain Resort

Tucked away in a tiny hamlet amidst the lofty snow capped mountains is a quaint mountain resort that offers the most beautiful experience while you are on a trip of travel to the Salt Lake City. The Solitude Mountain Resort is a village that is specially designed to give the travellers to the land with a taste of the amazing beauty and an old world charm that will work wonders to endear the entirety of the land to the travellers who arrive to this exquisite hamlet.

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Welcome to the Solitude Mountain Resort, which as its name suggests is the perfect break that you could ever hope to have from the busy humdrum of our daily lives. Located at around thirty miles to the south eastern fringes of the Salt Lake City, the Solitude Mountain Resort is a skiing resort which attracts countless of tourists to the area each year. Suggested by just about each and every travel guide Salt Lake City offers, a trip to the Solitude Mountain Resort is a treat of a lifetime!

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Even if you are not a skier or have no taste for the various adventure sports which the Solitude Mountain Resort is famous for you could still go to the resort to enjoy a quality time with your loved one as well as your kids.

A perfect location in case you are planning a honeymoon, just about everything which concerns the Solitude Mountain Resort is as perfect as can be! The Solitude Mountain Resort also offers the facility of a well equipped spa that can be just the perfect excuse you would need for all those sessions of pampering that you had always dreamt of!

A definite must have while planning to travel Salt Lake City's tourist attractions are to a large degree led by the presence of the Solitude Mountain Resort in such close proximity to this already brilliant city!

Overview of the resort

Solitude Mountain Resort Address
12000 E Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Tel: (801) 748-475
Email: [email protected]

Solitude Mountain Resort Hours:
Open Daily 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Ticket Information for the Solitude Mountain Resort:
Adults: $68
Children: Free(age 6 and under)


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