Visitor's Guide to Salt Lake City Public Library - A Great Place to Hang Out

Salt Lake City Public Library is one that is suited for you if you are looking for a book that will tell you about a remodeling project or a school assignment or repairing your car or for pleasure reading. The Main library is in Downtown and has five branches spread all over the city and you will be surprised to find one next to your home or work place. Three-way access to book catalogs, online, phone or drop-in will tell which book is on the shelf.

Salt Lake City Library

The new main library in the Utah Salt Lake City is an envisaged idea that came true with a building that is more than repository for books and computers. This building commemorated in 2003 has room for growth and collection of books. The six-storey curving and walkable plazas with shops and services at the ground level have reading galleries facing stunning scenic views of the city and Wasatch Mountains. The building also has a rooftop garden with elevators and 360-degree view of the salt lake. Usually filled with natural light the library also has lighting fixtures to avoid glare and infused lightings.

Salt Lake City Library

The city has a large number of collections containing a numerous number of books, children's library containing access to space for coats, backpacks and strollers, room for babies, multimedia equipments with educational programs all to cater to the needs for fulfilling the requirements of children's imagination. The canteen is something that is envisaged to attract young teens to the library for reading in a place to relax in the cafe. 600 newspapers and magazines subscribed by the library also continue to maintain back issues in microfilms seems to continue.

Collections in the library

Other facilities will include audio-visual technologies like audio cassettes, compact discs, video cassettes, DVDs and CD-ROMs with visual arts in print and slides. There are training labs offering nearly 42 computer stations and internet access.

Technology in the Library

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