Weather & Climate

The Salt Lake City climate varies mostly. It is located in a semi dry region of the Salt Lake Valley. It is surrounded by the Great Salt Lake and mountains hence there is little possibility of any precipitation. There are four seasons at the Salt Lake City: the dry, cold, hot, and snowy winter.

During October and May storms occurring are a common phenomenon mainly due to the influence of Pacific Ocean. Snowfall is common during winter months and the reason is the great lake. Overnight fog and haze can be a problem for many at the city. When you have plans for travel in Salt Lake City then positively take clothes according to the weather and climate of the place.

Weather & Climate of SLC

Winters are not very severe but quite cold. The snow is generally not deeper than 1 foot deep during the winter months. The winds are generally 8.8mph. The driest month in Salt Lake City is July. April is the wettest month in the city.

Temperatures in summer are around 102 degree F, and in winter it is - 10 degree F. Travel in Salt Lake City and if you are visiting the place at the right time then you will surely enjoy your trip thoroughly. Travel to Salt Lake City and check out all the tourist spots in the best of weather.

Travel to Salt Lake City can be a thoroughly exciting and enthralling experience for you so go ahead and take a tour of the city. A rare occasion in Salt Lake City is blizzards because there are no extreme winds blowing. You will not come across tornadoes in Salt Lake City but there was only one such instance in the year 1999. Another factor which affects the climate and weather of the city are the phenomena El Nino and La Nina.

Salt Lake City climate

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